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We are not the usual sandboxy RPG, neither a narrative-driven one, but a story-focused writing community where each actively writing character can make a difference and an impact on the overall plot. We are writing collaboratively a coherent story with many sideplots aside of it. We also have guides to help you with the time setting, and are more influenced by historical events rather than following them by the history books!

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 Doomsday, An AU sea battle for 4 ships
Pieter de Wyntere
 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 04:49 PM

Quartermaster on the "Rising Sun"
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Posts: 290

Pieter agreed, the battle had chosen them. Pieter had never bern sure if he could believe in fate or coincidences. This seemed to be at least bad luck of unusually severe proportions. Of course they would fight, again.

When Angel asked from the captain of his duties, Pieter encouraged Angel, saying to the "Devil", "He is the best helmsman here and we all know it."

Pieter knew that Johnson knew this too, and he was sure that the man's survival instinct was greater than his pride of his own men. Angel was better at the helm than any of Johnson's own men and the captain had to know this too.

He commanded some cannoneers, saying. "Aim high enough! We want to slow them down. We can barely penetrate the hull, sails are easier targets. A fourth rate is slow with damaged sails and a better target. Once we slow them down, we can aim at the hull as well. This is first and foremost of our own survival."

The guns were blazing again. Pieter began to hate this sound even more after every shot he heard. It was an ugly sound. The smoke and smell of burning powder was disgusting. He wanted to be back home in Tortuga with Amanda. Would he ever get back there again?


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 Posted: Apr 20 2017, 05:14 PM

Advanced Member
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user posted imageuser posted image
DAVID JOHNSON, Captain of the “Devil’s Fortune” & SHAY O’CONNOR, commander of the “ Devil Jewel” consort ship

Johnson agreed. Angel should take the helm,”Take the helm then. We need a worthy man to steer her!”

Cooperation between helmsman and gunners was vital, as aiming and ship’s movements were very much tied together. Johnson hoped that with Cass with the guns and Angel at the helm, there would be nice connection between them.

The captain also agreed with Sol. He still murmured, “I don’t know if I want to get melee with these navy buggers! But they might attempt to board... And succeed. So we will soon see how this goes… I am afraid we will need melee too. I would prefer retreat, but as you said the battle has chosen us!”

They fired at the enemy warship. He could not see the results at first, but the lack of any sail ripping sound or crash made Johnson think that their first broadside had not been too successful. The smoke was in the way.

Johnson awaited upcoming enemy shots with terror.

Back on his ship O’Connor’s gunners fired their guns even though they were just barely in range. “Fire at your own pace!” The captain commanded, “It helps the Commodore more if we keep hindering the enemy with constant shots! No need to wait for full broadsides!”

O’Connor’s ship was moving towards the stern of the warship. His idea was to engage the enemy on the other side than the Johnson flagship. That would divide the navy-men's attention.

This post has been written by JOUKO
 Posted: Apr 20 2017, 10:11 PM

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Posts: 635

The battle scene - to help us see the same thing, thanks to Jouko:

user posted image

Black arrows are ships and the facing direction

Dark greenish arrow with W: the wind direction (about something like that... pretty weak)

Orange: some cannon fire directions or so

The numbers

1. Johnson
2. O'Connor
3. Brits
4. The French arrive

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Sebastien Durand
 Posted: Apr 21 2017, 08:11 PM

sailor on the "Rising Sun"
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Sebastien could only give his friend a nod and smile at the talk of retirement. He knew no such kinder future would ever await him. Piracy was too deeply embedded in him. He was raised in it, shaped by it, as was his sister. There was a silent understanding between the two of them that their ends would be no easy passing from old age. The sea herself would rise up to claim them long before that. If she didn't then the noose would speed them to her embrace. He didn't speak this aloud, it was not the time, nor was it something that needed said. "I pray you do indeed find that quiet life, my friend."

Moments later he heard the swear and shout from Angel and he straightened. He really hadn't wanted to be right. Why did he have to be right? Couldn't they catch at least one break today? His grip tightened on the lines he was working on and he closed his eyes with his own soft swear. They were the battle-weary target this time. There would be more blood in the water before this day was over. The dread in his stomach told him it was the Navy, it didn't matter right now which one, both were death for them.

The warning shot was soon fired and he opened his eyes, his expression grim and the sorrow evident in his eyes. He would lose friends this day and he may very well join them. He could rest at least that his sister was safe and cared for in Tortuga, but to get her back only to lose his life and they time they thought they had gained weighed heavily on him. He gave a nod finally to Angel and dropped down the rigging to the deck of the ship as quickly as he could manage. He made his way over to Sol and Cacica.

He heard the Devil calling to cripple the ship with chain shot and he nodded his approval at that. They had to think smarter here. There was still a chance if they played it smart and he liked this Devil, he knew just how to play it. He caught the end of Sol's words as she approached. “They never give that option...” His voice died immediately as he finally caught a good sight of the ship and realized something even worse about their situation. He knew that ship.

A crueler blow could not have been struck to him at that time than what he just realized. Could there be another ship that it was? Maybe. However something in him just knew. He'd been a guest aboard that ship after all. Amidst the sudden blasts of canon fire he wondered if his voice would be heard but he couldn't manage more than a whisper. “It's the Sovereign.” Nathanial. His legs suddenly felt as though they might collapse under him. What had he done for fate to take such cruel shots at him?

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Nathanial Bretagne
 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 12:42 AM

sailor, HMS "Sovereign"
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Posts: 100

It felt strange being one of the many gunners, not even a gun captain, after having been a gunner's mate - and, for a little time on a privateer ship, even the acting master gunner. But Nathanial didn't complain about this. He was just doing his job and waiting for the day when, as Sebastien and Sabelline had promised him, he'd be allowed to join them.

Nathanial had no idea that Sebastien could be aboard one of those ships. They had names unheard of.

The warning shot had been issued and the little ships decided to fight back. They manoeuvered quickly from the initial position - quicker than a fourth rate ship-of-the-line could - and chainshot sudden started raining over the "Sovereign", first from a direction, then from the other.

"Fire back, for God's sake! Sink them!" he heard the order of the first lieutenant, who was supervising the second gundeck, where he was serving.

Didn;t he know that sinking got no prizes to award and share? Some men were grumbling around the guns.

And there was fire, the noise of the battle flying across miles and miles.

Wesley Stewart
 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 12:56 AM

Captain of HMS "Sovereign"
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Posts: 138

The captain looked at the sailing master with a pleasant smile.

"I don;t think they were expecting another fight, either."

Wesley had not thought as unusual that the cowards were running away. What he hadn't expected was that, in the last moment, they would suddenly change direction and catch the Sovereign between cross fires. He tried to remember where he had actually seen this tactic employed - it had been still here, in the West Indies, and he was feeling that, if he remembered, this might give him some information about who was actually their enemy now.

But he couldn;t remember. Not in the cannonade's deafening music, for some people turning into a requiem as rigging was hit and wood and metal was falling on the sailors and gunners, the screams of the wounded mixing with the sounds of the shooting fire.

"Let's rake them!" Wesley shouted in anger. "Get the ship in position for raking fire. In the meanwhile, aim to sink them!"

What a nerve from these pirate scum, to dare to catch the ship how they had!

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Thanks to Patrick of Souls on Fire and Pompeii for the graphic set!
Henri d'Estrees
 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 01:02 AM

second lieutenant on "Le Phenix"
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Posts: 82

Cannonades were heard closer. The captain and the first lieutenant had been right - these were pirates. Their attitude at the British warning fire had proven it.

"Captain, look, they had caught the British Navy ship between crossfire! Can we help our allies by attacking the ship closest to us? Look, they are preparing to manoeuver... I can bet they are aiming to rake the navy ship by the bow!"

And it would also mean that their intervention would distract the enemy enough to let the Brits confront only one ship. Just that Henri was considered too inexperienced, given his youth. His words might be taken into consideration or not. This was what HE would have done... not necessarily others.

Thierry Vounos
 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 01:09 AM

Master Gunner aboard "Le Phenix"
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Posts: 263

On the gun decks, all the guns were loaded and ready to fire as quickly as the order was coming. For now, they were still a little out of the range, so they had to wait for a few more minutes.

Leftheris couldn't see well what was happening with the two presumedly pirate ships and their mark, from the position he was now. However, the sound of the guns was telling, to formed ears, its own tale about two broadsides and a free pacing fire... Which meant one ship was surely in trouble.

Anani Fireflint
 Posted: Apr 26 2017, 05:47 AM

aka LA CACICA - First mate of the "Rising Sun"
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Posts: 128

The sigh that left Anani’s lips at the sound of the broadside marked the first time the woman had ever felt reluctance toward a battle.

They were in no shape to fight, especially not the Rising Sun’s crew. They had just witnessed the loss of their ship, their home. If their rage would drive them, so too would their despair. It was a cornucopia of negative feelings, and when one went into a fight with that it made one so much more satisfied with receiving a sword through the gut, ending it all. It was no way to fight and no way to die.

Yet Sol and Johnson were right: they could not avoid this battle, and like hell would Anani allow herself to fall into the hands of any Navy again. The newly arrived British ship was bearing down on them and the wind showed them little favor. It all felt rather like an omen, the way things had all played out. What a terrible way the Rising Sun had died—under a false flag with a false name, with a false captain and crew. It felt like a punishment, or a scolding.

Anani had never considered a life away from the sea, but for those few moments she wondered whether they should not all retire like Angel, those of them who might survive this battle. Could this be the voice of God? Anani hardly believed in any religion, but it all seemed a bit much to be mere happenstance. Some force in the world was trying to speak to them.

But she squared her shoulders and looked out at the progressing battle. “Then let us die fighting together,” she said, nodding to Captain Johnson. “You can count on me as well.” With a look toward her own captain, she added, “I’ll be right beside you.”

Mikael Akselsen
 Posted: Apr 26 2017, 08:03 AM

Sailing master aboard HMS "Sovereign"ight Shark"
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Posts: 66

The thrill of the battle had roughly the effect of a keg of beer for Mikael at first, the roar of the cannons giving a burst of adrenaline providing a boost along with the flurry of activity all around the ship. But with the damage done to the rigging, the mood was soon lost, and Mikael grasped that they were being attacked on both sides.

That was a terrible position to be in. They were taking hits on both sides, twice the fire of either of their opponents. And if they were inclined to run, which Captain Stewart clearly was not in his anger, they would have found it difficult with the weak wind providing no assistance, not to mention the damage Sovereign had already sustained. Mikael’s usual cheery expression grew grim as he watched the captain’s orders being carried out.

Which ship were they to rake? If both enemies continued their current courses, it made sense to target the second one; the new position would also allow them to more easily catch the wind as opposed to being fully against it. But the move would expose Sovereign’s stern to the original enemy ship, allowing them to also attempt a raking maneuver—and they appeared to be adept enough with their guns to pull it off. But he dared not second-guess a direct order from the captain, at least not out loud.

It was an awkward place to be, that battle, and Mikael wondered whether they would see it through at all. He’d been on a sinking ship before, twice now in fact, and it never got any easier. But there was something about the happenstance of these events that was bothering him.

“Hmm!” Mikael said, mostly to himself, but within hearing of Wesley and any others near them. “I don’t believe I’ve seen a pirate ship jump into a Navy battle to provide assistance. That’s some risk to take for little more than some holes to the hull.” He took up the spyglass again to look at the second ship. “Perhaps they’re part of some pirate fleet or alliance?”

As he peered through the spyglass, doing his best to observe through the smoke and debris, Mikael caught sight of another form on the horizon, beyond the second enemy ship; if both routes remained the same, that enemy ship would be between Sovereign and the newest arrival.

“Captain!” Mikael handed the spyglass to Wesley again. “See yonder, another ship approaching! And if I’m not mistaken, she’s flying French colors.”

Iwan Rowlands
 Posted: Apr 26 2017, 06:45 PM

Sailor aboard HMS "Sovereign"
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Posts: 89

Iwan was one of the gunners who manned the guns on the larboard (port) side of the ship. His station was on the lower gundeck.

The pirate flagship fired back together with the other ship that caused problems on the ships starboard side. The pirates aimed at sails and hull. It seemed quite desperate.

It seemed harmless enough at first, the pirate ships were still much smaller the "Sovereign", but then one of their shots hit the upper corner of Iwan's gun's carriage mashing the wood and bolts. The gun fell off onto the deck and Iwan was lucky enough not the get his feet under the giant barrel of cast iron. The gun captain shouted to higher officers after cursing to himself, "Gun three out! We w'll try to fix it, but seems it is a no go, sir! "

The men tried to get the giant gun back onto its damaged carriage, but they would need more men for this. Iwan yelled, "No the carriage needs to be fixed and we need more men, sir!" Some enemy shots now also pierced the hull too, making any attempts to fix the gun harder. Wooden splinters flew around like angry wasps.

Iwan looked around. At least their other guns were mostly working, firing broadsides at the enemies. This still started to seem bad for him. The two vessels on both sides got them into a nasty crossfire. While the enemy ships were smaller and had mostly smaller guns, this reminded Iwan of the few larger fleet battles of the war he had seen years ago. This felt like it was a larger battle than it really was.

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