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We are not the usual sandboxy RPG, neither a narrative-driven one, but a story-focused writing community where each actively writing character can make a difference and an impact on the overall plot. We are writing collaboratively a coherent story with many sideplots aside of it. We also have guides to help you with the time setting, and are more influenced by historical events rather than following them by the history books!

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The inhabitants of Port de Paix, a French colony, are now busy with celebrating Saint Jean d'Ete and a wedding among the highest nobility. Time for everyone who happens to be in Port de Paix to know them better… and to add your personal flavour to the holiday!



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 Several Celebrations In One, att. everyone in Tortuga and visitors
Santiago Moreno
 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 12:11 PM

Smuggler; captain of "Hermione"
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Chago heard the music too, and he invited Katya to dance.

”It isn’t much different from other dances you have seen or danced with me before,” he told her, thinking about the May Day celebration, but she was still nervous. ”And it is normal that everyone wants to dance with the bride for a little while.”

Katya had seen before dances where everyone got to dance with everyone for a few steps, but when the details sank in that it was one of the many dances involving change of partners, she froze in place for one second; she would manage somehow to dance with Chago, but… with others too, when she barely could keep the rhythm? If she could, more realistically saying…

Facing the line of dance, hands joined, her husband was marking the steps to help her, and his steady hand was leading her somehow, pushing her gently towards him when the dance required them close again, to change hands and walk on the reverse line. She was still tense, looking at the feet of those in front of her. Katya was glad when the dance was over and they could return back to their seats, and she caught Grisha’s reassuring smile.

”It’s up to you to tell me which other upcoming dances you want us to dance,” Chago whispered to Katya. ”I like dancing, but I don’t want to exhaust you.”

Right then, Grisha’s attention was disturbed by a younger man entering together with one of the pirates. That man was, upon his words to Grisha, his crewmate.

”I am here at my sister’s wedding, so I am one of Chago’s best men,” Grisha replied to Nathanial.

He didn’t wonder why a former British Navy gunner’s mate was acquainted with a French Navy master gunner. That was normal too. As normal as Grisha not speaking much French, and the master gunner not speaking any English, he mused. Fortunately, Mira was by his side, and she was speaking both…

”It’s better, indeed, to be three instead of one tonight… Would you ask your French friend, please, if his fiancée comes with us or if she remains with her sister?” he further asked Nathanial.

Chago grinned when Micah appeared, way louder than it was customary for him. He didn’t mind if the others thought Micah his real brother. He would have been proud of such a little puma of a brother! No blood oath connected them two as he was connected to Sol, but they had been together in enough missions to be connected by blood even without a brotherhood oath…

He opened the gift received from Micah, remaining in awe of the little navaja.

”Thank you. It’s the most appropriate gift for a smuggler, to be used in case of need in towns where wearing a longer blade in public display is forbidden,” he said. ”And I see on it your signature too,” he winked, keeping it with the bird carved on the hilt towards Micah.

He smiled widely at the young man’s wishes.

”I hope it won’t have the opportunity to taste it,” he whispered.

A new blade for a new beginning. So fit!

Katya looked at the silver necklace, then at Chago, her big, doe-like eyes asking him for help to put it on. He did it immediately. At receiving the note she couldn’t read, she passed it to her husband too, blushing and replying to Micah:

”Thank you very much. Chago will accompany me, because I don’t know the town yet.”

”Of course I will,” Chago reassured her. ”Thank you very much for your generous and well thought gifts, Micah,” he added.
Mora Vargas
 Posted: Aug 19 2017, 12:29 PM

Brothel Madame, Port de Paix
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Posts: 88

Mora had taken the seat by Maribel’s side, how her sister had told her, and she looked with mild amusement at the way Thierry was making himself comfortable among the crowd, befriending first the other best man Cass had, then the best man of the other couple, and standing up and going to greet warmly in a foreign language the pirate sailing master she had been acquainted with during Mardi Gras, the one who had determined her to come to Tortuga and check if the Maribel they were talking about was indeed her long-lost sister.

Indeed, Antonia and Maribel had dreamt, when they were young and carefree, at home in Cartagena, about their weddings and how they would be there one for the other. Now she could fulfil Maribel’s dream, and she was happy to be there. To her surprise, this party was way tamer than it had ever been in Nassau, among the pirates and smugglers she had known in her brothel years. If she expressed this loudly, Maribel or Cass would have told her that there were in Basse Terre parties – or rather orgies - similar to the ones she had witnessed in that time.

Her eyes which hadn’t cried when losing a child and getting another maimed got misty when the newlyweds received serenades in Spanish, with a sonority a bit foreign to her, and again when Cass gave Maribel las arras. Their promise sounded so sweet!

”I am so happy for you, Maribel!” she whispered to her sister.

When the song started, Thierry invited her to dance, and this time she couldn’t say that she didn’t dance. Her sister’s wedding deserved an exception. For her sister’s wedding, she was Antonia, the one who loved dancing, not Mora anymore.

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Sol Galvez
 Posted: Aug 31 2017, 09:04 PM

Captain of the "Rising Sun"

Posts: 410

Sol gave his hand to Sara, getting her to the circle and dancing together for the prescribed sets of four steps. When they changed direction, looking at each other, Sol wondered how would the athmosphere aboard the ship be, without the doctor and the sailing master he had learnt to confide in. He didn’t ask himself yet which ship. He was fairly confident that Saint John would give them back the "Rising Sun", there had been too many asking for their ship at midnight.

"I'll miss you," he told again Sara, "but I am sure you are doing what's best for you."

Somehow, he felt the same thing about Angel. He wasn't the same man since he returned from prison. Sol understood it. He had seen himself. He had seen Nails and Chago, he had seen Sabelline who had spent years of horror and tortures. All these could change a person. How much, it depended on each personality. Sara's place was in Europe, now that it was peace. Angel was too sensitive, too angelic for the pirates' world. He had known since he had met him, one year and a half ago, that he wouldn't be a pirate for life, if allowed to live.

When they changed partners, he found himself dancing with Mira, and he smiled encouragingly. He had seen her talking with Katya's brother and he liked that she started shedding her shyness. When it got his turn to dance with the brides, he congratulated again each of them, wishing them as much happiness as possible.

He was feeling a bit strange, and he didn't know why. Maybe this was the effect of weddings, or of being a best man again. He didn't remember feeling this way at the Undertaker's wedding, but at Baptiste's and at Angel's he felt strange too, in a different way, still he couldn't pinpoint the differences. He couldn't understand exactly what happened with him, but he thought the two missed ships and the lingering feelings about them were to blame.
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Thierry Vounos
 Posted: Aug 31 2017, 09:18 PM

Master Gunner aboard "Le Phenix"
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Here everyone was speaking another language. Some were speaking French, and it was perfect. Some Spanish, and after having learnt it from whomever was able to teach him in the latest nine months, given the similarity with the Venetian language, he understood enough. Unfortunately, some spoke English, and it was nothing to understand.

The dance, however, was French and he had learnt it. He was glad to have the rare opportunity of dancing with Mora... and with all the brides too. But first with Mora, and given that he didn't have the opportunity to persuade her to dance until last night, it mattered a lot.

When he saw Nathanial entering, together with another man, he smiled widely. But Nathanial went first to his crewmate, then he came to him, asking him if his lady remained here or followed them back to Port-de-Paix tonight.

"I am not sure. She decides if she wants to stay more with her sister, but I have to go with you and with Greg."
Sebastien Durand
 Posted: Sep 4 2017, 08:35 PM

sailor on the "Rising Sun"

Posts: 101

It would seem no sooner had they gone inside but Nathanial found other Navy sailors and his words of caution were forgotten. Sebastien sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He definitely needed a drink now. Not rum, at least not yet, sangria sounded about right. He left Nathanial to it for a few moments and went to find them each a mug of Maribel's sangria. Passing by his sister he dropped a kiss to her hair just to let her know he was there. She rewarded him with a smirk that was trying to cover how uncomfortable she felt in this crowd. He made a note to try and get back to her soon and perhaps excuse the three of them early.

Sebastien found a full pitcher of sangria and two mugs in the kitchen along with a very busy hive of activity. He didn't stick around long, not wanting to get in the way. Weaving his way back through the people he returned to Nathanial's side and handed him a mug of sangria. "There is suddenly far too much Navy in the room." He remarked dryly before taking a drink of the sweet sangria. This wasn't comfortable for him now either. While Nathanial seemed very comfortable with the others Sebastien was less sure. He was worth a lot of money and with his sister being in the room....it would not end well.

He draped an arm across Nathanial's shoulders and after another drink to steel himself he took a breath and let it out slowly to try and relax. There was only one Navy brat he felt comfortable around and that was the one standing next to him. All others were a threat. He wanted to trust them as Nathanial seemed to but were they on different grounds they would be dire enemies. There wasn't an introduction forthcoming from him, if Nathanial chose to do so he wouldn't stop him. He was surely far enough from home waters that his name wouldn't be as notorious. If it did cause a reaction he pitied the poor soul who tried his patience on what he considered his home territory surrounded by his friends and family.

"Let's find some food and a place to sit. It's not good to drink on an empty stomach. Or to have an empty stomach at all here at Maribel's." He did pause to pull Cass in for a hug and kiss Maribel on the cheek. "Many years of happiness for you both. Save me a dance later, senora? As long as your husband doesn't mind of course." He added with a playful wink. With a more serious expression setting in he placed a second kiss to Maribel's forehead and lowered his voice for just her. ”This suits you, enjoy it for none have earned it so much as you have.” When he pulled back he grinned. ”I'll figure out a wedding gift in time, right now I need to get something to eat. Can't have me wasting away from hunger now, can we?” He grabbed Nathanial's hand, entwining their fingers, and tugged the younger man off with him to find some food and a place to sit and eat.
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Micah Silva
 Posted: Sep 7 2017, 12:33 AM

Assassin/ Tavern boy
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Posts: 56

Micah inclined his head at the mention of the bird. "I must admit that's what drew me to it. So even when one bird can't be there to keep you safe, the other can." Smuggling as Chago had picked up for his new line of work wasn't without it's fair share of danger and easy to conceal blades could be the difference between life and death. He had come a long way since their earliest mission together. He'd learned and grown much over the last months and his offer of protection held weight finally. That protection also included Katya.

He felt relieved she like the gift. "Perfect. It will be a good reason to get out and explore and learn the town as well. I am pleased you like them. It was fun for me to shop for someone other than my nieces and nephews. I do probably spoil them a bit more than I should." A grin appeared as he spoke of his family. He didn't speak of them too often but he had told Chago he had quite the pack of older siblings. Even threatening him with the youngest of his sisters. He'd likely die of shock if she ever married.

The dance had ended and he gave them each a quick hug and another well-wishing on their marriage before he slipped through the crowd to Maribel and Cass. The happiness around the two was surely contagious as he couldn't help his own grin from immediately appearing. He waited for others to move the presented a small wrapped bundle to each of them. “A wish for a happy marriage that I could scarce think of a more deserving pair to share in it.” Inside each bundle was a silver locket, Maribel's was on a dainty silver chain while Cass's on a much more sturdy leather braid. “They're currently empty. I thought you could choose together what to place in them. Then there will always be something of your beloved by your heart.”

Micah enjoyed this sort of thing. Giving gifts that it. He wondered if it came from Alessandro, the man had never arrived anywhere empty-handed, but then again he could recall even as a young child he had enjoyed making things for his siblings and parents. His favorite gift to offer was music though. There was no better gift than that in his mind, even though he found his voice lacking anymore.
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Nathanial Bretagne
 Posted: Sep 8 2017, 11:55 PM

sailor, HMS "Sovereign"
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Nathanial was pleased not to be alone on the way back to Port-de-Paix. He liked both Thierry's company and Greg's, even if he knew that it will be difficult to discuss with both at the same time. He might get, instead, the role of translator until he'd fall asleep, extenuated by switching from French to English.

When Sebastien came back to him, with sangria, commenting that it was too much Navy in the room, he whispered back:

"Don't worry, each of them is related to one of the brides, so they would want the most peaceful athmosphere. And it isn't as if they could ever confess to anyone that they had spent Saint John's feast in Tortuga. You also can be safe as both are foreigners from the East, not having been on your seas in your time," he added, guessing Sebastien's main reason of concern. "Better let's meet them and know that, when only face to face, you are safe in their presence."

Only face to face, meant, in Nathanial's thoughts, not aboard a ship one should obey orders on. Because when two ships of different allegiances met, that was another story, unfortunately one the kind ballads were made of.

"Thierry, he is my childhood friend Sebastien, a good rigger and navigator. And Thierry is the master gunner of Le Phenix, coming from farther than Venice, in what's now Ottoman territory" he added in a whisper, "and the fiancee of the bride's sister," he looked at Maribel, to be sure which bride he was talking about this time.

Yes, he had known her name yesterday, but too many things had happened in the meanwhile, and he had forgotten any names except Sabelline's and Sebastien's. Or so he was feeling right now.

"Greg," he said then in English, "you know Sebastien already, but I think you, Sebastien, haven't been introduced to Greg, this bride's brother and my crewmate, coming to us from the Russian mists."

The introduction was followed by a gaze to the other bride he was talking about. Both Navy men stretched their hands promptly, with a serene gaze and a polite expression that they were pleased by the new acquaintance.

"Glad to meet you. Have fun while you can, as we will have to leave at nightfall," he added.

Nathanial looked at him, nodding that he had understood. He waited for Sebastien to greet the first bride. As Sebastien was mentioning food, he grinned:

"Indeed, it seems they had just served the appetizers, so we might find a place too."
Casimir St. John
 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 09:09 AM

Master gunner aboard the "Rising Sun"

Posts: 257

The dance had reminded him that one year spent with Maribel instead of in her shadow had passed, and that everything they planned or did together had succeeded. That after La Chappeloise and the Bal a deux last year, followed the midnight wishes which had been materializing during this year. He finally married Maribel, Sol was making merry by their side. And all the others, with only one big cloud hovering over their utter happiness.

As the dance came to an end, it was time to receive new congratulations. The first one was from Micah, together with silver lockets.

"Thank you very much for your wishes and for your thoughtful gift. We'll put them to good use."

One more charm at his neck, besides the tiny cross from his mother and the amulet Maribel had given him a year ago, the one which later arrived to be considered, by her puny words, their engagement token. Actually, the amulet and the locket could stay well on the same leather braid.

Then, he got a hug from Sebastien and he promptly returned it, with a wide grin. The Frenchman had proved, in one year with them, his sea worth and his friendship.

"Thank you very much. And of course I don't mind Maribel dancing with whomever she wants. Moreover, I know everyone is fighting for the honour to dance with the bride. I wish you happiness too, and some day for me to be the one congratulating you."

He laughed when hunger was mentioned. Theirs had passed in knots of emotions, but for the guests, it was normal.

And mentioning food... a familiar moment came, with Cathy arriving with a big soup bowl for all the willing guests, after Carmen, Honey and Michaela brought the soup bowls and wooden spoons meant for the three couples of newlyweds. Honey and Michaela were looking one at the other, remembering that only a few months ago they were the ones sharing a bowl of soup and a spoon with their grooms, and now it was the time to lead other couples on the path of a happy marriage.

Cass smiled at Maribel, taking the first spoonful, then feeding her. The soup was good and right what he needed now, as he was dehydrated for emotions and for the heat of June, and still feeling that he wouldn't be able to eat any solid food.
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Maribel Vargas
 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 09:42 AM

Innkeeper, Tortuga
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Maribel was so happy today, that no words could cover it. Her love to Cass was now blessed by a priest in the name of God, something she had always wished, she had just received las arras, like her mother before her, and she had everyone she loved around. Especially her long-lost and recently reunited sister Antonia.

"I am happy that you are by my side, Antonia," she whispered back. "I am happy that you got yourself a nice man too, and I am looking forward to put you a wife's bonnet soon."

After the dance, she received Micah's congratulations and wedding gift.

"Thank you very much. Be sure we'll find something to fill our lockets with and to think about you too, not only about each other, when we see them. Have fun, dance your heart away and maybe we'll receive, later, some songs from you too. "

She wasn't greedy, just appreciative. And she knew that many people would sing and play tonight for them. When it got to be Sebastien's turn, besides good wishes he wanted her to save a dance with him.

"Any dance you wish, Sebastien," she replied, then she blushed at his further words.

She didn't forget to smile to Cass, who knew her better than anyone.

"I agree with my husband," she said, looking at Sebastien. "I will be always glad to have reasons to organize engagement and wedding parties."

She shook her head at the mention of a wedding gift.

"Your presence, and your sister's, is enough gift for me. Good appetite and enjoy yourselves," she returned the wish, including in it his sister and friend.

Then Maribel blushed at seeing the soup bowl in front of them, and receiving a spoonful of soup. She ate it, then it was her turn to feed Cass. After she gave him two spoonfuls, at the third she attempted to trick him a little. But he was too observant, it didn't work.
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Santiago Moreno
 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 10:42 AM

Smuggler; captain of "Hermione"
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Chago smiled at Micah's comment that there would be a bird keeping him safe and at his friend's encouragement to Katya to go explore the town more. As long as he was with her, yes, she would. Otherwise, she was rather afraid to go out too much alone, as the shadows from the attack in early May hadn't dissipated completely from her mind. But maybe Mira, Honey or Michaela would take her shopping when he would be at sea, and slowly she'd get the courage to explore the town.

He also felt the nostalgia in the younger man's words about his far away family.

"You will get to see them again some day, even if most likely too grown up for your taste. So will be mine. You know we share this trait, enjoying too much spoiling our nephews and nieces."

He longed to have had Pepita's family around the table too, and maybe to receive Josema's blessing. But wherever in the jungle his brother was, Chago knew he was praying for him, and for the rest of Hermione's soul as well. He'd write a letter to Pepita and send it with the next smuggling ship going to Nueva Granada. Unfortunately, none for Josema, as in his remote corner of the jungle it was unlikely to arrive any news. And he knew as well that one couldn't have everything he wanted, and that having this wedding party here, in the place he chose to catch roots into, with enough people he had learnt to love lately, was a big gift in itself, to be grateful for.

"Some day I'll take you with me to Nueva Granada, to meet my sister's family," he told Katya.

She threw him a shy doe gaze, in which Chago couldn't read that she didn’t like sea trips and she was too overwhelmed by the many changes happened lately into her world. Of course, he didn't mean right now, neither in a near future.

Then a soup bowl was put in front of them, and he remembered from the Undertaker's wedding why. Honey explained to Katya, the only newcomer who might have not known the traditions, exactly how it had been explained to her:

”You will have to prove you are a family now, by sharing everything. For a symbolic start, eating the two of you from the same bowl of soup with the same spoon and cutting an egg in two halves, feeding each other!”

A French bridal song was sung, more for Noelle but Maribel was also accustomed to it. Unfortunately, for Katya French and Spanish songs sounded just… enjoyable tunes to hear, with no meaning since she didn’t understand any of these languages.

”We came to see the bride
From the outskirts of our villages
To wish a happy married life
To you and your husband.”

Chago took a spoonful of soup, then he fed Katya, letting her afterwards do the same to him. Every time their gazes met, he felt a warmth he hadn't experienced before. Yes, they were married, they received God's blessing and the people's. Katya had everything a proper mistress of the house should have, including las arras, and they were sharing everything. He wasn't feeling exactly the flutters of the first love, how it was with Luisa, ten years ago, neither the unbridled passion he had experienced with Hermione.

Who had told him that each time one fell in love, it was different, was right. This love was delicate, protective and tender, and Katya was his. Three times wedded with the same woman, once in front of the God of Abraham and her family, once at sea, in front of a ship captain and a whole crew, for the law to accept their union, and once now, with the priest's blessing on las arras and the joy of all his friends and acquaintances - that had to tell something about the strength of their bond, he thought with a hint of amusement.
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 02:01 PM

Advanced Member
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This wedding was totally different than Amanda's a few years ago, and she enjoyed watching the traditions. It mattered less that she understood the French couplets and toasts, but not the Spanish and English ones.

Instead of drinking sangria, her own guests had drunk a specific wedding liquor with a golden or silver leaf inside the bottle, called bruidstranen (bride's tears). It was supposed to represent the tears of joy cried by the bride at her wedding day, but for her they had been a foreboding of the subsequent tears, so sangria was better, she thought. The bridal wealth seemed also a romantic tradition which brought her a delicate sigh.

She enjoyed being there. It was another aspect of Tortuga life worth taking part in. As for gifts for the brides, if she knew in time she would have found a chatelaine for each, but in these conditions, Pieter had given them money, like most guests had done it. And she was thinking about some funny songs for later when the musicians take a break, as it was done at her wedding and the others she had subsequently attended in St. Maartens. She had plenty of time to think about it, while Pieter found common subjects to discuss with the other couple's best men.

Actually, she found Maribel's sister to be a good discussion partner, just that she wasn't sure anymore if she was called Antonia or Mora, as various people were calling any of the two names. Mira was seated too far away from her, and Chago's bride didn't speak French.

When the dance started, she smiled, as she knew it. And if she was hand in hand with Pieter, soon she got to dance with Antonia's man, then with Katya's brother... and soon she was at the other end of the dancing circle, congratulating the grooms while doing the prescribed sixteen steps with each of them. All three were good dancers, nothing to complain about.

While the guests got the appetizers, the three newlywed couples received a bowl of soup each, to eat together. This was nicer than the bride's tears for sharing a common life.

"I think we should choose a musical gift for them too, when the band stops to eat," she told Pieter, who probably knew it was one of the old Dutch traditions.

In fact, it was not specific to Netherlands; other countries, France and Spain included, had also a form of entertainment offered by the participants.

"Do you have an idea?"

Not many people around spoke Dutch, so whatever happened to be, should be French, she suddenly realized. It was an aspect she hadn't considered up to this moment...

This post has been written by ELENA
Mora Vargas
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 03:03 PM

Brothel Madame, Port de Paix
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Mora wasn’t sure if to smile or to weep when hearing her sister’s good wish. Did Maribel really think that she was ever going to be a bride? That anyone would want a former whore and brothel madame? Yes, she was sort of engaged with Thierry since last night, but this was something else. Just a deepening of their partnership from business to love, a commitment which was deeper, but wasn;t meant to go towards marriage. Just being there one for the other – and it mattered more than a marriage of convenience like there were so many in this world.

”I would like you to look at Thierry’s palm some time tonight,” she whispered to her sister. ”To see if I can really trust him. If you see anything which might corroborate, later, when you come to Port de Paix, with what you’d read then in the cards.”

She was aware that in the emotional state she was now, Maribel couldn’t read the cards even if she wanted to, exactly how Mora herself couldn’t. But reading a palm was easier, and she wanted a second opinion because she might have been biased when she had read his, many months ago.

When the newcomer asked Thierry if she was accompanying them, she nodded affirmatively, but she liked the way Thierry had left her a choice.

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Pieter de Wyntere
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 06:25 PM

Quartermaster on the "Rising Sun"

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Pieter had really liked this wedding, but his nature made him always feel some indifference towards impractical tradition he was witnessing. But, he still saw them as nice and sweet, he was able to see the romantic elements of the traditions. And he was especially happy for Amanda. To her this was a new experience and, as she was far less cynical than Pieter himself, she enjoyed this a lot for sure.

He had danced with most women present during the dances. He was not a bad dancer at all, especially since with Amanda he had received practise recently.

Seeing the sweet little ceremony of the soup made him smile again. He started again to think if she should just marry Amanda in a proper Tortuga fashion. Perhaps she would want it after all after seeing all this. He kept wondering about this, even while not too seriously anymore. They had decided to live simply, and Pieter knew that Amanda was honest enough to admit if she wanted a proper marriage and a wedding ceremony.

She spoke to him about the songs in Dutch. Pieter nodded at her. Even while he had no song ideas, he asked the partying crowd when some time had passed, in his decent French, “Any suggestions for a musical gift to the newlyweds?”

He then turned to Amanda, now speaking silently in Dutch, “That was a good idea”.
Maribel Vargas
 Posted: Sep 18 2017, 03:36 PM

Innkeeper, Tortuga
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Maribel reassured Antonia:

"Just a little later, after most formalities required by tradition are done, I'll have a talk with your Thierry. Palm studying included."

It wasn't exactly what she had hoped initially when dreaming about her sister introducing her man to Maribel, but if it happened this way, so be it. She surely didn't mind.

Then it came the time for marking the passage to the status of wives. She knew now what to expect when they approached the new brides.

While young married women were taking out the veils from the brides' hair, Carmen from Maribel's, Michaela from Noelle's and Honey from Katya's, Cathy was singing the new wives' song, arranging now the bonnets on their heads and tying them on, as a sign that they were now already among the married women:

Please receive this bouquet that we are offering you
Made of yellow wild flowers
And it makes you understand, lady bride,
That all the vain honours pass like wild flowers.

Indeed, after arranging the bonnets, they offered the new brides a new bouquet of wild flowers – also, given the holiday they were bouquets de la bonne adventure, with more yellow flowers this time.

Maribel looked at Carmen, then at Cass, with the same kind smile. She knew that Cass wouldn't be the rigorous master from the song, but a life partner like not many wives have been lucky to find.

Now it was the time for Sol to play and sing the Spanish wedding couplets, together with Chago’s crewmates, with Nardo and a few others.
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Credits. This skin was made by MORU specifically for BEFORE THE MAST and rethemed by MASCHA.
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