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Make your mark upon our West Indies saga in "Doomsday"!


Peace with Spain was signed in February 1720. In late April its news arrived to the West Indies, so all the Navies got allied against the common foe – pirates, making their trade more difficult to survive. Which side are you on?

Be ye a pirate, a naval officer, a slave or a lady, you will find a place aboard one of our four ships or live on a paradise island. Men aboard any ship are strongly recommended as first characters, and civilians as secondary ones. No more female sailors are allowed.

We are not the usual sandboxy RPG, neither a narrative-driven one, but a story-focused writing community where each actively writing character can make a difference and an impact on the overall plot. We are writing collaboratively a coherent story with many sideplots aside of it. We also have guides to help you with the time setting, and are more influenced by historical events rather than following them by the history books!

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Elena - Fleet Admiral
Mascha - Fleet Admiral
Alecto - Pilot


Port de Paix dwellers

The inhabitants of Port de Paix, a French colony, are now busy with celebrating Saint Jean d'Ete and a wedding among the highest nobility. Time for everyone who happens to be in Port de Paix to know them better… and to add your personal flavour to the holiday!



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Louis Quinault

French Navy

My Content
Oct 19 2016, 09:09 AM
Date: 20-th of May 1720
Place: The open sea, aboard “Le Phenix”

It was a partly cloudy morning, with very light wind and calm seas, but not as calm as to have Louis curse the wind in Occitan, like the crew had got accustomed for enough time. There still was a gentle, very low swell all the way across the Straits. A beautiful morning to set sail – and exactly what the whole crew of “Le Phenix” needed.

They had weighed anchor a few hours ago, and they had just got out of the port, into the open sea, which welcomed the man-of-war with its foaming waves. Again, the usual patrolling tasks. Louis had nothing against them, as patrolling meant sometimes seeing and catching a pirate ship (or, fewer times, a small smuggling vessel from Santo Domingo or Cuba, trying to tempt the French merchants with Spanish luxuries brought from the Far East). A prize was a prize, no matter how difficult or how easy it was to catch.

Five bells had been heard in the forenoon watch. Louis stood proudly next to Jacques, who was at helm, giving the much awaited orders:

“Hands aloft to loose the sails! We need full sails in order to take all the wind in!”

The riggers darted upwards on the yards. The choice to set out under topsails was an obvious one; the topsails were the first to be unfurled and the last to be taken in. The main courses took more wind, though, and they were the best choice for now.

He looked at the second lieutenant, who was now on the deck, and he approved the choice of the master's mate with a nod. He seemed not in a too good mood this morning, and Louis guessed the remains of a hangover.
Oct 12 2015, 08:23 PM

Name: Louis Cyprien Quinault

Aliases: none

Age and birthday: 23, 16-th of September 1696

Gender: Male

Rank/ Occupation: master'’s mate

Current Location: aboard "Le Phenix"

Character PB: Maurice Ronet

General appearance:

He is of average height, not too thin built, but he isn't fat either, just with bigger bones. He is not without strength however, though obviously not in the brutish, brawny way. His is a wiry sort of strength, with his muscles being lean and compact. There is a definite sense of pride and purpose in the way he walks and in his general poise.

His complexion is fair, even if the time in the sun is the reason why his skin is a few shades darker than the rest of his family’s. He has striking blue eyes, but otherwise average features, appealing without being remarkable. His brown hair is always cut short, especially here in the heat of the Caribbean.


He likes dressing in blue, as this reflects his eyes better. His clothes are fashionable and clean, showing his upper middle class upbringing. He owns two sets of working clothes and an elegant suit for shore leaves.


Quick to learn, intelligent, well read and possessing a natural talent for charts and navigation, he has good knowledge of seamanship, and he likes showing off or mentoring - – whichever may be the case at a certain time, having high expectations for himself. He is analytical, detail-oriented, tidy, however he requires the same perfectionism not only from himself, but also from the others around him. He is critical of others and he likes routine work, disliking those who don't obey rules.

Louis is proud, ambitious and somewhat vain, liking to associate, when he can, with those better than him. He wants to succeed and to be admired, needing the others’ approval in what he is doing. He isn't doing too well under high pressure, becoming nervous and fearing failure: what if his order wasn't the best one possible?

His interests are drawing, reading and star-gazing.

He might have felt infatuation a few times, but he had never been actually in love. He would be slow to commit, and picky, seeking an elusive perfection. Besides, due to fewer opportunities to socialize with women of his social condition, he feels shy and awkward around them.

Birth place: a domaine near Toulouse, Gascogne, Southern France

Father – Jacques Quinault
Mother – Marie Helene Quinault, born Crozat
siblings – five, elder, all living, plus the ones who didn't survive their first months. He is the youngest in the family.
- Jacques, 12 years older
- Helene, 7 years older
- Antoine, 5 years older
- Joseph, 4 years older
- Florence, 20 months older

spouse, children, anybody else – none


Born in a family of little county nobility of Languedoc, empoverished by the great famine occurred in the area in 1693, on an estate along the river Garonne, the boy had always dreamt to travel. When he was young, he even ran away with a circus, just to be caught two days later.

Eventually he managed to convince his reluctant parents that a naval career would be what he wanted for his future - to be a hero and to explore the world for the glory of France, where no Frenchman had been before. He was thinking that by his name – a king's – he was predestined to do important deeds and make his mark in the world. Maybe he still believes it...

His mother used what influence he had with a farther cousin of hers, the Marquis du Chatel, director of the Compagnie de la Guinee, who was financing the second Moka expedition, and due to his intervention, Louis succeeded to obtain a ship boy position aboard a merchant ship. He was 14, not the youngest age for a ship boy, but one good for apprenticeship under the captain’s care, since he had already studied with tutors, being rather advanced in his studies, and had the required high patronage.

So Louis learnt as much as he could. When the Compagnie de la Guinee was incorporated into the ever growing Compagnie française pour le commerce des Indes orientales, due to various attempts of his protector, the Marquis du Chatel, to avoid bankrupcy, he got aboard a ship of the Compagnie des Indes, as an able seaman, under the same captain who took a liking to him. If thinking better, Louis might have liked him more than his own father… Soon, he got promoted as master's mate, given his interests in drawing and navigation. The expeditions to Africa and to the Orient are his fondest memories.

In 1719, when Compagnie des Indies merged with four other companies under John Law’s management, several ships were paid off, with most of the crews joining the Navy or the privateers, given the fact that the War of the Quadruple Alliance needed more crews for the fighting ships... This is how he got deployed to the West Indies, and, following the Battle of Nassau, he found himself reassigned to the flagship.

Weapon Skills: His combat skills are average. He had to learn something during so many years aboard a ship, but he isn’t really good at anything fight-related.

Anything else: In his childhood spent with the nurse, his milksiblings and the servants' children, he had learnt the local Gascon dialect spoken around Toulouse. He had studied Latin and Spanish in his young years, but since the alliance with England got concluded, about three years ago, he had learnt some English as well. Not much, still enough not to die of hunger and thirst in a British colony.

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