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Peace with Spain was signed in February 1720. In late April its news arrived to the West Indies, so all the Navies got allied against the common foe – pirates, making their trade more difficult to survive. Which side are you on?

Be ye a pirate, a naval officer, a slave or a lady, you will find a place aboard one of our four ships or live on a paradise island. Men aboard any ship are strongly recommended as first characters, and civilians as secondary ones. No more female sailors are allowed.

We are not the usual sandboxy RPG, neither a narrative-driven one, but a story-focused writing community where each actively writing character can make a difference and an impact on the overall plot. We are writing collaboratively a coherent story with many sideplots aside of it. We also have guides to help you with the time setting, and are more influenced by historical events rather than following them by the history books!

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Port de Paix dwellers

The inhabitants of Port de Paix, a French colony, are now busy with celebrating Saint Jean d'Ete and a wedding among the highest nobility. Time for everyone who happens to be in Port de Paix to know them better… and to add your personal flavour to the holiday!



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Sebastien Durand


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Mar 1 2017, 07:31 PM
Date: 23-rd to 24-th of June 1720
Place: - Basse Terre, Tortuga, on the beach,
not so close to the Festival Fire

- continued from here and here -

Sebastien had watched Sabelline make her way back along the beach towards the crowd and the path that would take her back up to the town and eventually the Elixir. Part of him had wanted to go with her, make sure she was safe, but she had specifically told him not to. It was a struggle to sit back down on the soft sand, but he finally managed it. He had to let her try and find her own way back to strength. Regular meals and rest over the past few days had done her much good but he could tell she had over-extended her reserve and was exhausted. There were enough friendly faces around he had to trust she would be fine getting back. Even if she wasn't well-known, he was and there were enough who would know she was his sister. His need to protect was strong but he knew her ire at being coddled would be stronger. A deep breath in and out followed by a deep swallow of the rum helped him relax once more.

Looking over at Nathanial he tried for a grin but was sure it fell a bit flat. “I'll be fine.” He assured the younger man. “My reason is catching back up with me. It just took a few moments.” Resisting the urge to look back up the beach, he instead lay back on the sand and looked up at the stars. “Things will settle down more with time, I know. Maribel has told me a few times now. I don't know who was the bigger mess when we first returned from the prisoner exchange. I'm sure some would say I was.” He propped his head up on an arm and motioned for Nathanial to sit next to him. Another drink of rum and he set the bottle aside for a bit. ”I suppose I just have never dealt truly with my own trauma from the incident. I hid it by shoving it inside a rum bottle. Now I am having to face it and it feels a bit overwhelming at times.”

It felt natural to talk to Nathanial, more so than even talking to Sol or Maribel. Those two had their own things to be handling and he didn't feel like burdening them further. Nathanial however was his oldest remaining friend and showing his wounds to him felt natural. Nathanial had been there for him in his darkest hour and a bond had formed that even having been separated for years hadn't dimmed. ”I will get there again, just as she will. I have faith in her ability to heal and bounce back from this. She's more resilient than she gives herself credit for. Truth be told she reminds me more of our mother now than she ever has.”
Jul 7 2016, 09:20 PM
Date: June 23, 1720
Place: - Basse Terre, Tortuga. First at the Elixir D'Armagnac,
then at the Festival Fire

- continued from here -

Sebastien had returned to the Elixir with Sabelline after Mass. She'd pointed out that she wanted to change out of the dress. She said she didn't care if it was scandalous, she was intent on wearing pants for dancing about the fire. Something about being terrible at knowing where a skirt was and possibly catching herself on fire. He'd laughed at that, earning himself a bemused glare. While she had headed up to her room he set about acquiring two bottles of rum. He doubted his sister would drink much, her tenure being dried out from alcohol had doubtlessly reduced her ability to handle it. That was one thing he would never say to her face. She might truly hit him for it.

He paid for the two bottles of recently in Kingston rum and on a thought asked for a bundle of bread, cheese, and fruit to snack on. A small picnic or sorts to help with the first drinks of rum. Running a hand back through his hair, he debated if he should get his bandanna. It was rare that he was without it but after a long thought he decided against it. With his sister all but demanding to be brought back to change he knew they’d likely miss the actual lighting of the fire. That was truly fine with him though. He'd said his prayers in at the mass. Tonight he was intent to enjoy himself to the fullest, drink until his body mutinied against any further, and dance around the fire until he was in danger of falling into it. There was scarcely a moment he could think of that he was happier to be himself and free than that very one.

The small picnic of snacks was received with a massive grin, as well as the two bottles of rum. It was even packed into a small sack for him to carry to the beach. he thanked the woman heartily and tipped generously both with coin and an added kiss to the cheek. Not such an uncommon thing for the Frenchman to do, but the levity in his mood was infectious. Moving towards the stairs he laughed and shook his head. "Sabelline we're going to miss the entire festival if you take much longer!"

The response he received would have made most men blush but it turned his giggling into a full on bout of laughter. That was his sister all right. He stepped away to lean on something while he shook with laughter. The support was useful, as well as being out of the line of sight should she decide to throw something in his general direction. It would have been deserved.
Aug 19 2014, 12:17 AM
Date: 13-th of February 1720
Place: Port de Paix, Saint Domingue, Hispaniola

Sebastien made his way through the crowd, he was dressed nicely with a clean shirt and breeches, even a bit fancy, but nothing more than a “goodly merchant” would be dressed as. He had made sure to clean up. He wanted to blend in on the streets of Port-de-Paix, not stand out. Still the comfort of being around his own, and hearing French spoke all around him, soothed his soul in ways he had almost forgotten. It made him miss Marseilles, but that way of life was long since lost to him. So he would enjoy the comforts of it while he could, for such was fleeting. He had in his pocket the mask from New Year's Eve. There was a plan for that. He was rarely without some sort of plan and he wanted this to go right. Nathaniel meant so much to him. Jian's words about him not letting anyone in still rang in his ears. He wasn't going to do that this time.

He moved in towards where he could hear quite a bit of English shouts and laughter. This must be where the Royal Navy sailors were, or at least a fair-sized group of them. He hadn't included a location to meet, just in case the worst had occurred and his letter was read before Nathaniel received it. He had instead decided to check with the groups of Royal Navy sailors, until he found the right one. The rowdy group of sailors came into view and his eyes flicked from one face to another until they finally alighted on the right one. He couldn't help the smile that made it's way out. His Nathaniel. Fading back into the crowd he skirted around to where he'd be closer to Nathaniel. It wouldn't do for him to be seen before he was ready.

Once he was close he slid the mask out and slipped it on. It wasn't completely out of place, he had seen a few others with them, but even had he not, there was a purpose for this one. Emerging from the crowd he brushed past Nathaniel, making sure to make contact, but not roughly with the young man. He then turned and locked eyes with him and gave a wink. Inclining his head towards a less crowded side street he kept moving, hoping the young man got the less-than-subtle hint to follow him. He was sure the mask, the very one he had worn as Robin Hood, would be enough for Nathaniel to recognize that his contact was here.

The moment he was in the relative safety of the side street he pulled the mask off. There was no need for the lie, nor any pretense. He was here to be Sebastien completely with Nathaniel. He deserved that above anything else. He'd keep his back to the entrance of the street until he was sure Nathaniel was there before turning around and giving him a warm smile. ”It's been far too long, Nathaniel.”
Aug 18 2014, 08:53 PM
The letter was waiting just as innocuously as any other letter. Sebastien had sent it to his previous contact in Kingston and was assured it would make it's way to Nathaniel. He'd sent very specific instructions for this and a decent payment to ensure it. The letter was sealed with wax and inside he would find written in French a short note that to most would say little, but to the young Gunner's Mate, would speak volumes.

I have searched high and low through Sherwood Forest and have the information you seek. I will see you at Mardi Gras.

Robin Hood
Aug 7 2014, 01:14 AM
Date:February 3, 1720
Place: - Aboard the Rising Sun

Sebastien could smell it on the air when he woke up that morning and it made his blood sing in anticipation. They were nearly home to Basse Terre with a good haul and better yet the trip would be capped with a good thunderstorm. For him there was no better way to end such a trip. He had scarcely stopped to grab something to eat before he was scaling the rigging with the ease of one who was made to be above the deck. His feet had barely hit the floor in the crow's nest and he was scanning the horizon. The still sleepy watchman was giving him a curious expression and trying to follow where he was looking.

He spotted it alright. Still a ways out, but it was there, a darkening on the horizon. He practically bounced on the balls of his feet when he saw it. This likely only caused more confusion in the still sleep-addled lookout. Really he should be upset the man was napping but that wouldn't register with him as he was focused on the coming storm. “Out with you.” He motioned, letting the man know he was relieved. “You'll be needed on deck to help secure everything.” Glancing back to the storm and testing the wind he nodded to himself before calling down to the emerging sailors. ”Storm ahead! Secure the ship! We'll be within it before an hour's time with this speed!”

Although he loved the prospect of a good howler of a storm, he didn't think this would be too much more than a heavy rain. It didn't look angry from what he could tell. Now that hurricane back in October, that was angry, and he'd loved every second of it. He highly doubted any of his crew-mates felt the same. With that he gave one last anticipatory glance to the storm and hopped over to move back down the rigging and begin readying the ship alongside the rest of the crew.
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