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Peace with Spain was signed in February 1720. In late April its news arrived to the West Indies, so all the Navies got allied against the common foe – pirates, making their trade more difficult to survive. Which side are you on?

Be ye a pirate, a naval officer, a slave or a lady, you will find a place aboard one of our four ships or live on a paradise island. Men aboard any ship are strongly recommended as first characters, and civilians as secondary ones. No more female sailors are allowed.

We are not the usual sandboxy RPG, neither a narrative-driven one, but a story-focused writing community where each actively writing character can make a difference and an impact on the overall plot. We are writing collaboratively a coherent story with many sideplots aside of it. We also have guides to help you with the time setting, and are more influenced by historical events rather than following them by the history books!

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Elena - Fleet Admiral
Mascha - Fleet Admiral
Alecto - Pilot


Port de Paix dwellers

The inhabitants of Port de Paix, a French colony, are now busy with celebrating Saint Jean d'Ete and a wedding among the highest nobility. Time for everyone who happens to be in Port de Paix to know them better… and to add your personal flavour to the holiday!



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My Content
Aug 6 2016, 08:32 PM
What country are you from?

I am an American from literally right smack in the center of the U.S. If you have seen The Wizard of Oz you can name the state. smile.gif

What is your profession? (For students, what profession are you preparing for?)

Currently I don't work outside the home. I am a stay-at-home mother to my two kids. My son is 5 soon to be 6 and my daughter turned 3 earlier this year.

What are your favorite RP genres?

Historical (obviously), high fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian. I have been on some really good real-life boards as well but I prefer to have a fantasy aspect to my boards even if they are trying to mimic current time real-life. Supernatural creatures, magic, etc. I really haven't met a genre I truly dislike though.

What is your favorite book, movie, TV series and type of music?

Books are such a long list. A few authors I can read all day long are J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, R.A. Salvatore, Stephen King, J.K Rowling, George R.R. Martin, and Anne McCaffrey. My movies list is just as large but the stand-outs are Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Chronicles of Riddick, and Warcraft. When I get a chance to watch tv I will sit down for either crime dramas or forensics shows. I really love watching Joe Kenda: Homicide Hunter, documentaries, and Game of Thrones. I listen to a variety of music but my current favorite band is Shinedown.

Are you a sports' fan too? Practicing or watching?

Not hugely. I coached my son's soccer team this past May and went to his t-ball games but they don't excite me other than that.

What other interests and hobbies do you have?

I am a gamer. I play Dungeons & Dragons twice a week with friends and during breaks from those campaigns I Storytell for Vampire: The Masquerade. In my other free time I play World of Warcraft. I enjoy leading raids and hope to join high-end raid team for the upcoming expansion. Had a voice interview with them today so we shall see if I get the nod.

Do you have pets?

I have 3 dogs and a cat. Two of the dogs were adopted after being abandoned in the countryside and the other I raised from a newborn puppy when my parents had a breeding pair. The cat I found as a 5 week old kitten on the highway not too far from where his mother had been killed. I took him to the vet, wasn't sure if he'd survive but he pulled through and is now almost a year old and extremely fat and spoiled. We named him Lucky. It's quite apt.

How long have you been Rping?

I have been rping in various mediums all my life. From pretending to be X-men with my cousins to the old yahoo chat rooms. I have been involved with the play-by-post forum rp for about 10 years now and that is how I met Elena some years ago on another pirate board.

What kinds of characters and stories do you like to write?

I enjoy all types of characters so perhaps the shorter list would be ones I dislike. I have trouble playing mild-mannered women. In short they bore me.

What does your screen name mean? (For those who have unusual screen names, not their own names, as it is frequent here)

Sabe is the shortened form of my original pirate girl who has recently been introduced to BTM. Sabelline was my first pirate and she has had quite a journey. My other two names are Sugar and Zane. Also relating to boards I joined and the characters I made. I stick with one of those 3 whenever I join a board now.
Dec 6 2015, 08:25 PM
Yet another hilarious example of why English makes people trying to learn it question the sanity of native speakers. I mean seriously people. What is wrong with us?!

Jan 27 2014, 02:36 AM
I was just awed by this video, and I really really love this song and movie. So I had to share since we have so many nationalities represented in both characters and writers.
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