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Peace with Spain was signed in February 1720. In late April its news arrived to the West Indies, so all the Navies got allied against the common foe – pirates, making their trade more difficult to survive. Which side are you on?

Be ye a pirate, a naval officer, a slave or a lady, you will find a place aboard one of our four ships or live on a paradise island. Men aboard any ship are strongly recommended as first characters, and civilians as secondary ones. No more female sailors are allowed.

We are not the usual sandboxy RPG, neither a narrative-driven one, but a story-focused writing community where each actively writing character can make a difference and an impact on the overall plot. We are writing collaboratively a coherent story with many sideplots aside of it. We also have guides to help you with the time setting, and are more influenced by historical events rather than following them by the history books!

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Port de Paix dwellers

The inhabitants of Port de Paix, a French colony, are now busy with celebrating Saint Jean d'Ete and a wedding among the highest nobility. Time for everyone who happens to be in Port de Paix to know them better… and to add your personal flavour to the holiday!



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Adrien Lefévre

French Navy

My Content
Jul 7 2014, 09:11 PM
Date: 13-th of February 1720, late morning
Place: Port de Paix, Saint Domingue, Hispaniola

- continued from here -

As the impromptu dance class took an unexpected turn, Adrien left to return to the streets and watch the tableaux passing by. The crowd was thick, and Adrien had to move carefully to find a place among them. Fortunately, he was not long in doing so.

His manner of dress did not draw too much attention to himself. Besides, the others around him were preoccupied. Unless he had come to the crowd dressed as a jester or something of that nature, he doubted anyone would have cared. Only the most snobbish of celebrators truly cared about the division between commoner and gentry at the moment, and Adrien had never seen a line there anyway.

That went back to his roots as a commoner. Now he was considerably wealthy and did not have to consider himself as such. He could pass himself off however he wanted. There was a sense of security in that. He smiled to himself, then turned his attention to the scene before him. It was not the first time he had witnessed a Carnival; he had seen one in France. But this one was even more lively, with much shouting and cheering and merriment.

He heard a man to his left pose the question, “How do you like it?” to someone. Clearly the man was not addressing Adrien, but Adrien was interested in who the man was talking to. Craning his neck a little, he saw a beautiful young woman next to the man. He gave both of them a smile, and nodded toward the parade.

“I hope you are both enjoying yourselves,” Adrien said with a smile, speaking English as they had, and then added for the young woman, “especially if this is your first Mardi Gras.” He smiled at a memory. “It was celebrated in France much as it is here, but here, I think, it is more lively and exciting.”
Jul 2 2014, 02:48 AM
Place: Port-de-Paix, Hispaniola
Date: 7 February 1720

As he waited to be sent to sea, Adrien had decided to find out just what his crewmates were like. Of course, he would never meet those who had participated in the mutiny, but that was just as well; Le Phenix was getting a new start. Most of the crew were on land during the court-martial, an unexpected shore leave, he figured. Not unwanted, though, perhaps.

His understanding of what happened was growing as he inquired about it from more and more people. Some embellished the story with dramatic flourishes and scenes, but most had something of the truth to it. Those were the men and women who had only heard about it secondhand. The sailors themselves tended to be more straightforward, though those of the militia had only the end of it to speak of.

There was a man, clearly one of the officers, who was walking along the decks. Adrien decided to approach him. “Begging pardon, good sir,” Adrien said with a deep bow. “I am Adrien Lefévre, one of the new sailors recruited to Le Phenix. I had some questions I hoped I could put to you.”

“Of course,” the man said, but with an affected air. He gave a small bow. “Olivier Gadou, sailing master on Le Phenix. “What are your questions?”

“I have spoken of others of the mutiny,” Adrian told him. “I thought a sailor - and a sailing master, indeed, good sir - might have a more straight perspective on it.”

Gadou gave him a false half-smile, tilting his head as he did. “Well, there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. Some men chose to rebel, and have been disciplined for it.”

Adrian nodded just a bit. “I understand, Master Gadou. But why did they revolt? Is there something I should be concerned about?”

The false smile remained fixed in place. “Nothing at all, sailor. The concerns they had have been taken care of.” Gadou half-bowed again. “You will excuse me, sir, but there is somewhere I must be. Until we meet again.” And the sailing master continued on his course.

Adrien turned and watched the man walk away. He decided to follow him, at a distance, for there was nothing in that direction that the sailing master could need, certainly not his ship, which was near the other end of the docks. All of this was quite curious.
Jun 14 2014, 07:48 AM
“In every barbaric act there is a human element. That is what makes the barbaric act so inhumane.”

Date: 4 February 1720
Place: Port-de-Paix, Saint Domingue, Hispaniola, Au Gobelet d’Or

The night was a dark one, with a cool, damp breeze that barely rustled the leaves on the trees. Only the most courageous travelers remained out at this time - those accustomed to being in motion, particularly merchants and postilions. Irregular travelers found this sort of weather foreboding, and cowered behind closed curtains and bolted doors; yet the roads were generally safe, particularly in this part of Anatolia.

The Kitanovski family traveled with their wares and their few personal belongings day and night, stopping only to rest the horses; eat; and, when necessary, sleep. There was something about remaining stationary that bothered Darko Kitanovski; or, at least, that was how it had always seemed to his son.

The teenager was in the back of the caravan, a large carriage that contained the aforementioned goods and belongings. He was taking an inventory of the items, as he had been taught to do at an early age. He and his sister traded the task every night. As always, when it was Adrijan’s turn, Dijana hovered around him, pointing at this and that and anything he might have missed. Their parents were out front, driving the horses on and sharing a conversation, warm and heartfelt, as they so often did.

The carriage came to a stop so suddenly that both Adrijan and Dijana lurched forward. Dijana started to ask what had just happened, but Adrijan lifted a finger to his lips. He could hear voices outside, menacing in tone, and his parents’ responses gentle and pleading.”Stay here,” Adrijan whispered to Dijana, before slinking out of the carriage. Of course, Dijana followed him, but at a discreet distance.

There were four men arguing with their parents about the carriage and its contents. Darko and Angelina had been pushed to their knees, and one of the men was standing behind them. Something in that man’s hand gleamed in the dim moonlight. Then, voices raised, slurs and curses were thrown, and before Adrijan had time to react or even fully process what had happened, the man with the knife grabbed Darko’s hair and slit his throat; then, as a screaming Angelina watched her husband’s body fall, the man did the same to her.

Something rose and caught itself in Adrijan’s throat, and he looked around to make sure his sister had not witnessed the slaughter. Unfortunately, she had crept up right beside him, and was staring now, as pale as the moon. Now the attackers had turned their attention to the cart; Adrijan shoved Dijana into the hollow of a tree and once again raised a finger to his lips. “This time, you stay,” he hissed. “Understood?”

Dijana only nodded fearfully.

Adrijan turned his attention to the bandits. They were inspecting the carriage, presumably for signs of other life before they proceeded with looting the thing. The moon cast a ray of light onto a large, blunt rock before him; he picked it up and found the nearest bandit, and, hardly having to reach up to match the man’s height, slammed the rock into the back of the man’s head. The man crumpled into Adrijan’s arms with barely a sigh, and Adrijan put him on the ground quietly. Then he removed a knife from the man’s clothing and slipped around beams of moonlight to catch the last three men.

He sneaked up on one bandit and ran him through with the knife. The man cried out, but Adrijan moved too swiftly for the remaining two to see him, and gave the next man the same treatment. The last bandit, Adrijan kicked behind the knees, and the man fell; Adrijan grabbed him by the hair and drew the knife across his throat. Just as the bandit had done to his beloved parents.

The man’s garbled scream was always where the dream ended.

It was hardly a dream, in truth; it had all actually happened, and it revisited Adrien again every now and then. When it did, Adrien woke up echoing the bandit’s scream, bolting upright, broken into a cold sweat. This time, when he finally collected himself, he realized he was at Au Gobelet d’Or, and that it was the middle of the night. His next thought went to his sister and whether he had awakened her in the next room. His thought after that was whether he had awakened anyone else. After a few moments of steadying his breath, he rose and walked the room, trying to exert himself a bit that he might fall into a more peaceful sleep.

There was a tap at the door, and a voice asking whether he was all right. “I’m fine,” he answered, “thank you.” The attendant murmured some words of reassurance, but in that tone that says: Do not disturb my patronage again.

Great. It seemed he had awakened the entire inn.

With a sigh, he sat and put his face in his hands. No matter how far one traveled and how often one changed one’s name, one just could not outrun the past. Or, perhaps, was it just him, and fortune frowning ill on him for what he had done?

He did not think so. He felt his actions that night had been vindicated. Justified.

They were simply ghosts that would not leave him just yet.
May 15 2014, 06:02 AM
Date: 27 January 1720
Location: streets of Port-de-Paix

With his hands folded behind him, inspecting the buildings and people around him, Adrien studied Port-de-Paix. His sister, Dianne, deserved the best, after all, and he would not leave her to live in just any place. She would want to be sociable, he knew, and to have access to a variety of sights, so that she could go exploring and never feel bored or trapped.

She was all he had left in the world, really. With their parents’ slaughter - so long ago, now, he knew, but it still felt fresh to him - and no further family that they knew of, Adrien and Dianne had spent the rest of their lives traveling, to end up here, in the Caribbean. So far, he found no fault with the area; it was rather beautiful, in fact.

Adrien would not be staying long. He was being reassigned to another ship, as part of the French Navy. The ship he had formerly sailed with, the same one that had brought his sister over, had been badly damaged in the blockade, and he was on shore leave until he was reassigned. This, of course, was unfortunate for the ship and anyone who had died on it; but it did give Adrien the opportunity to help his sister get settled in.

There was a map in his hands, a map of Port-de-Paix. He was looking at the immediate area in which Dianne would be taking up residence, but his attention was fully on the map, excepting moments in which he looked up to orient himself and see what he was looking at in real time as opposed to on the map. He was looking at the map when his left shoulder and side bumped into that of someone else, and he stopped and turned around, to make sure the person had not fallen.

“My apologies. I did not mean to hit you,” he assured the person, in French (while offering his hand for the person to take, if he or she had indeed fallen). “Are you all right? I’m sorry, I was not paying attention,” he explained, folding the map for now. “I will remember to be more careful.”
May 6 2014, 07:29 AM
Adrien Lefévre

Name: Adrijan Kitanovski

Aliases: Adrien Lefévre, Ri (family only), “Comte Lefévre”

Age and birthday: 28; 13 June 1692

Gender: Male

Rank/ Occupation: Gunner's mate, Le Phenix

Current Location: Le Phenix

Character PB: Tomer Sisley

General appearance: Adrien is of average height and build, with a very slender but strong body. His brown hair has a tendency to be unruly and askew no matter how he tries to comb it. His skin is light brown, as his heritage is a mixture of various peoples from West and Southeast Asia. His face is long, with an aquiline nose; his lips are thin, and he has hazel eyes that are especially bright in sunlight.

Clothing: Aboard ship, Adrien prefers to dress cool, of course, but anything at all would suit him. Lighter colors, naturally, are better for keeping cool, and so the color of his shirt might be off-white or beige. He prefers darker colors, however; so, when on land, he dresses in dark blues and reds. He also wears a coat over his more formal clothes at times.

Personality: One would think that Adrien was some sort of royalty, based on his demeanor and his way of speaking. He has a gentle but very authoritative voice, and he enters every room as though he owns it - he has a way of being smoothly social, with a commanding presence yet easy to relate to, while keeping everyone at arm’s length.

There are two sides to Adrien, polar opposites. The first is the one seen when he is around his sister. He is sweet and caring to the point of being overprotective, warm and friendly, and clearly vulnerable. He does not mind being this way around Dianne; she is the only person in the world that he trusts. The second side is the darker, ruthless, colder side that Adrien has carried with him since the night of his parents’ deaths. This side will stop at nothing to get what he wants, or to protect himself or his sister, or to accomplish any task asked of him, however brutal it may be. It is this side that allows him to fight in the Navy with no compunctions.

Most often, he is in the middle of those two sides, accessible and warm but somewhat ambitious and aloof. He enjoys being social, but also likes to be alone at times. He can often be found reading or writing something to keep his mind active.

Birth place: Adana, Anatolia, Ottoman Empire

Father – Darko Kitanovski (deceased)
Mother – Angelina Kitanovski (deceased)
siblings – Dijana Kitanovski / Dianne Lefévre
spouse, children, anybody else – none

History: No one is entirely sure where Adrien came from. Just as an uninvited guest shows up at one’s doorstep, so did Adrien Lefévre appear on the Parisian social scene. He spoke French with a perfect Parisian accent, and was fluent in many other languages as well - English, Spanish, and some Dutch. He seemed to have come from some money, although he had very little land, recently purchased at that, and no title. Despite that, due to the way he carried himself and his general mannerisms, his peers began to refer to him as “Comte Lefévre” (or “Count Lefévre”).

The truth is that Adrien is from everywhere. Born Adrijan Kitanovski to a pair of traveling merchants, Adrijan was on the move consistently even as a child, and learned much of the world in his family’s travels. He never received a formal education, but was able to teach himself. He has the cognitive skills of a genius, and was able to share his discoveries with his little sister, Dijana.

Adrijan and his little sister were close. They often strayed far from their parents, but always made it back to them in time for their evening meal. Darko Kitanovski was very careful about how he spent the money he earned, and set much of it aside for the betterment of his children’s lives whenever the family might choose to settle down somewhere. For the time being, however, they continued to follow any trading routes they found, until the last they followed took them into the wrong hands.

Adrijan was fourteen on the night that a group of bandits attacked his family’s caravan, intending to steal everything the Kitanovskis had. The men caught them all by surprise, and quickly killed Darko and Angelina, then began to search for the children. Adrijan pushed Dijana into the hollow of a tree, in the dark, and made her swear to stay there. He picked up a heavy rock and crushed it into the skull of one thief before the man had a chance to scream, then collected the man’s dagger - the one that had been used to kill his mother - and dispatched the other three thieves with it, pushing the last to his knees and drawing the blade across his throat, as had been done to his mother and father.

Adrijan never quite recovered from that experience - as no child could, of course, but the murders by his own hands scared him the most - because they had come so easily. Neither did he feel remorse. The fact that such coldness and ruthlessness could exist within him disturbed him to a degree - but only to a degree. Otherwise, he felt an odd sort of… pride, in besting his opponents and avenging the deaths of his parents.

Meanwhile, Dijana had not stayed in the tree, but gone to tend to their parents. It was too late and she could do too little, unfortunately. Darko told Dijana that she and her brother must look out for each other, before passing away. The siblings knew they could not stay on that path any longer, but otherwise had nowhere to go.

Neither sibling slept that night. Later, they moved on, and found they were near a coast; in exchange for labor and a few of their wares, Adrijan and Dijana were allowed passage on a merchant ship that was making its way to Greece.

They continued to trade and travel, but with more difficulty, and began to rely on ships rather than land transport. Both children discovered a love for the sea, and asked to learn everything they could of every captain they sailed with. As she grew older, it became a bit more difficult to get captains to accept Dijana onboard, but by then, Adrijan was becoming well versed in the art of persuasion.

Finally, they landed in France and, now being old enough to manage by themselves, decided to travel inland. Between the money they made and that which their father had saved for them, they found that they were comparatively rich. Here they took the more suitable names Adrien and Dianne Lefévre, and Adrien, wanting the best for his sister, bought a small house on a plot of land from an aging widow and introduced both himself and Dianne into the local scene. Their appearances marked them as clearly not from France, not directly at least, which made them curiosities; Dianne’s beauty and Adrien’s enigmatic charm further won them into society.

But the Lefévres - even under that name - were travelers and adventurers at heart, and, after living in France for some years, decided to move to the Caribbean. Adrien joined the Navy and Dianne joined him on his first trip to Saint-Domingue, where they got her settled into a proper life for a lady in Port-de-Paix.

Weapon Skills: Well-practiced with pistols, small blades, and light swords; less proficient with heavy swords.

Anything else: In addition to the languages publicly known that he can speak - French, English, and some Dutch - he can also speak Turkish and Croatian, his parents' tongue.

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E-mail, YIM, etc.: rayleighjohnsen on Skype

Player's age: 25

How did you hear about us: RPG-D and Tumblr
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